changes between 2.73 and 2.74
  • Added support for MASM assembler to the IDE. You can now add ASM files to the project, ASM files will be scanned for dependencies, Project Options contains an Assembler page, the source editor and debugger will handle syntax color highlighting of ASM files, the debugger will handle MASM symbols.
    You can download MASM here:
  • The IDE now accepts the command line option /n, which means that no default source window will be created. This will only happen if the IDE isn't started with a filename on the command line, and the setting Load last project at startup is turned off.
  • Added Check timestamp of source files to Debug tab in Tools -> Options, to handle what is probably a special case.
  • The Linker will now convert old style CodeView information (version 1) to support MASM. CodeView handling generally improved.
  • Added runtime function _fstat (or fstat if /Go is used).
  • The memset runtime function has been optimized in case the compiler can't inline the call.
  • Added d3dx.h, d3dxmath.h, d3dxshapes.h, d3dxsprite.h to the distribution.
  • Added __PODX8API (DirectX 8) and __PODXAPI (DirectX 7 and below) to DirectX include files, which will (slightly) speed up imports from the d3dx8.dll and d3dx.dll C++ wrapper DLLs.
  • Tweaked the image list code in the New Project dialog. Might work better on older computers.
  • The project wizard for Pocket PC has been updated.
  • The Registry Editor will now display the real name (if any) of the Pocket PC or Smartphone device.
  • Added (optional) Explorer associations for .ASM and .INC files to the Setup program.
  • Bugfix: The browse information builder didn't handle paths with embedded spaces. Blush! Newbie mistake!
  • Bugfix: Quitting any of the project wizards, in an already existing directory, would wipe out the entire directory.
  • Bugfix: The debugger sometimes used relative paths which could cause problems if the source files were located in more than one directory.
  • Bugfix: After scrolling with the mouse in the source editor, and then pressing PgUp, an exception could be generated.
  • Bugfix: some repaint problems with the selection in the source editor solved.
  • Bugfix: Double-clicking a function in the project tree displayed the wrong line when the name started in column 1.
  • Bugfix: the scrollbars in the dialog editor wasn't working properly.
  • Bugfix: Printing source files lost a line during page breaks.
  • Bugfix: ZIP & UNZIP project files wasn't disabled properly in the main menu.
  • Bugfix: Empty source files (zero bytes) caused problems in the IDE.
  • Bugfix: The Splash Screen setting wasn't loaded properly when the IDE was started with an argument, like a filename.
  • Bugfix: The compiler would cause an exception for function calls like func(arg,).
  • Bugfix: The Registry Editor needed a security certificate to work on Smartphones.
  • Bugfix: The Linker could sometimes get into an infinite loop when linking with oldnames.lib. New search symbols added to oldnames.lib.
  • Bugfix: olectl.h wasn't including ocidl.h, which in turn wasn't properly formated.
  • Bugfix: The Setup program always restored the settings for Executables, Libraries, and Includes back to 'Factory settings'.
  • Using __crtheapsize to set the default HEAP size sometimes failed (because the C runtime needed to allocate memory before the program had a chance to change the default size). Replaced with new function that is called by the C runtime:
    size_t __set_crt_heap_size(size_t default_size)
     return default_size * 4; // Any expression - this is just an example...